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Dress Code

Here at Diss Golf Club, we take a modern and relaxed approach to dress code.

We just want everyone to be comfortable at our club and be able to enjoy their golf. All we ask is that members and visitors please adhere to the below, flexible guidelines. Thank you in advance.

On the Course:

Approved, recognised golf clothing (including golf shoes).

In the Clubhouse:

Clean, smart casual clothing. 

Basic Golf Etiquette:

An overly slow pace of play can be frustrating for everyone. In order to help everybody enjoy their game, please keep up with the game in front and allow faster groups behind you through (regardless of whether there are other groups ahead of you). We also encourage you to play ‘Ready Golf’. An explanation of ‘Ready Golf’ can be found on the link below:

Ready Golf Explanation

Each player must have their own clubs.

Please show courtesy and respect to fellow players and our hard working green staff, by repairing pitch marks on greens, raking bunkers after you’ve played out of them and replacing your divots. Many thanks.

A short video on basic golf etiquette can be viewed below.