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  • May 2021 Newsletter

  • It's all awards and recognition for Diss Golf Club!

    Golf environment award Certificate

    Diss Golf Club are celebrating a successful few months, after receiving national recognition for their hard work and progress in several different areas.

    The club recently learnt they have been shortlisted in the STRI’s Golf Environment Awards (GEA), in the Home Unions Award category. Winners will be announced at the Golf Environment Awards Ceremony on Wednesday 22nd January 2020, at The Crown Hotel in Harrogate. More information on the awards can be found at  

    Remarking on the club’s GEA nomination, Steven Peet, General Manager said:

    “We are delighted to receive this national recognition and are really proud to be nominated alongside other such worthy clubs.

    We are only at the start of our ecological and environmental journey, but it’s great to be rewarded for the work we have done so far and get confirmation that we are on the right path. As part of the GEA nomination process, we have been able to access expert advice, which has been extremely valuable and given us further focus to keep progressing.

    I wish to thank Cambell Murdoch, our Course Manager, for leading this work and we are lucky to have such a passionate and dedicated greenkeeping team, who all fully buy into our ecological and environmental strategy.

    We recognise we are in a privileged position to be able to occupy this land and we have a responsibility to look after it as best we can. As well as providing a well-conditioned and enjoyable golf course for our members and guests, we also hope our environmental work will benefit our local community and provide an attractive, natural habitat, for a variety of different wildlife species”

    Some of the environmental and ecological work completed to date at Diss includes:

    • Producing wild roughs that are natural to the land, allowing more wildlife to flourish, such as bees, mice, birds and snakes. The club have also seen the return of rare species of plants, such as Bee Orchids.
    • Not hand weeding Ragwort, allowing Cinnabar Moths to flourish.
    • Producing a rootzone that is diverse in species such as worms and nematodes. This produces a healthy, live soil, requiring minimal applications of fungicide. The club also use Compost Teas to liven up the soil, plus Harpin Protein and the gene Bacillus Suttillus, to help deter disease.
    • Managing the gorse by pollarding each year, enhancing the plants.
      Clearing woodlands of nettles and brambles, allowing a wildflower canopy on the undergrowth.
    • Using natural, biological products as much as possible, reducing the need for fungicides, whilst still promoting the Bent and Fescue grasses, which require less water and fertiliser.
    • Use of a GDD Chart, therefore keeping turf to a healthy and consistent state, avoiding over or under feeding and any peaks and troughs in top growth.
    • Sarrell Rolling, Solid Tining and brushing is used throughout the summer months. Hollow Coring, Slitting and Verti-Draining is used in Spring and Autumn, due to egg laying from Crane Fly.
    • Buying products in bulk and utilising the waste beer from the clubhouse, for use on the course. Any grass clippings are collected and composted and are then used in the gardens, or are offered for members to use at their homes.
    • Producing turf that is high in Bent and Fescue grass, requiring much less water, due to their deeper rooting and drought tolerance levels.
      Extracting water from a borehole, limiting the use of mains water.


    The club have also been awarded the England Golf SafeGolf accreditation. The SafeGolf accreditation recognises that a club has the correct safeguarding policies and procedures in place and therefore provides a safe, fun and positive environment for juniors and vulnerable adults to participate in.

    Finally, the club has also recently had their Cask Marque accreditation renewed, achieving a 100% pass mark. Cask Marque was formed in 1998, to assess beer quality in facilities and ensure standards are driven and maintained, through a team of assessors that visit facilities at least twice a year. During the unannounced visit, assessors check all the cask ales on sale for temperature, taste, appearance and aroma. All the beers must reach the required standard, in order for the pub to pass and be awarded the Cask Marque accreditation.

    Diss Golf Club General Manager, Steven Peet finished by saying:

    “We have been working hard here to keep driving the club forward and ensure we are providing a great experience for our members and visitors.

    We do regular customer surveys and the results we are seeing are positive and show clear improvements in nearly all areas of the club.

    The golf industry remains a challenging industry to operate within, but we will continue to address these challenges head on and try to meet the varying demands of the market. It was pleasing to see growth in all areas of the business last year, including a net gain of over 20 members, which is certainly bucking the national trend.

    We look forward to continuing to work towards our long-term strategy and ensure we keep enhancing our service, in order to remain an attractive and well-positioned golf club.”


  • New General Manager Announced!

    We are delighted to announce that Steven Peet has been appointed as General Manager of our club. Steven, who takes up his new role on Tuesday 7th May 2019, has for the past 11 years been Regional Manager for England Golf, advising and working with a large number of golf clubs within the East region.

    Roger Greenacre, Club Chairman, has said, "We have known Steven during this period and benefitted from his considerable experience and knowledge of the golfing industry. He will bring to Diss not only his enthusiasm and love of golf but also a real understanding of the particular problems facing private members clubs such as ourselves, and of the actions that we need to take to ensure we continue in our efforts to secure the long term future of Diss Golf Club".

    Steven held a scratch handicap at Royal Cromer for over 10 years and has been playing golf since 11 years of age, representing Norfolk at all levels. He is still the course record holder at Royal Cromer. 

    He has a Diploma in Golf Club Management and a Degree in Leisure Management and Golf Studies.


  • James Biggs

    Diss Golf Club is immensely proud to have played a modest role in nurturing the considerable golfing talent that is James Biggs, arguably the best amateur golfer to have joined our membership ranks. Since joining the club at the age of 13, James has gone swiftly from strength to strength, gaining widespread recognition for his golfing achievements both locally and nationally, including winning the prestigious Lagonda Trophy last year, joining an impressive roll of honour that includes Lee Westwood and Luke Donald.

    We are delighted therefore to promote James' efforts to raise sponsorship and other funds to support his burgeoning and highly promising career as an amateur, and in due course, professional golfer.

    Click here to read more and to find out how to support James.

  • 20% Off Introductory Membership Offer!

    As part of its continuing efforts to grow the Club's revenue base, the Management Committee has recently announced a much enhanced "Member Get Member" scheme aimed at significantly increasing membership numbers and, by extension, subscription income.

    All current members are ideally place to help with this initiative - and to benefit from it - by encouraging friends and family to consider joining our club.

    Click here for full details of this exciting new scheme, including how existing members will benefit.